Message from Director - Security & safety Services
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The University of Nairobi is one of the historical landmarks that grace the city of Nairobi, which is not only the capital city of Kenya but also the Central Business Hub in the region. In the 1990s, Nairobi was rated by the United Nations (UN) as one of the most dangerous capital cities and was downgraded from class B to C in the UN Security Council classification. The poverty index and high level of unemployment further aggravate the insecurity situation in Nairobi whose big percentage of its populace are young and unemployed.

The University of Nairobi is directly affected by this problem because of its strategic location at the heart of the city. Thugs masquerade as students /staff within the precincts of the University and as such this has posed a big challenge to the university calling for the University to Device Strategies to secure students, staff as well as its property. Security department is one of the key departments in the University that fall directly under the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Administration and Finance. It is the security arm of the University charged with ensuring safety of students, staff, vast University Land, Equipments, Motor vehicles and other physical facilities.

The Department will endeavour to strive to meet the dynamic security needs of our clients as well as play its role in making the University of Nairobi, remain a world Class University committed to scholarly excellence. The department’s service charter is our commitment to provide quality security service to all our clients as well as securing University property at all times. We shall feel most privileged to receive your feedback to enable us identify areas of improvement. All said and done the department is constantly striving to offer excellent security services to University clients in its endeavor to remain a world Class University committed to scholarly excellence.

Our Commitment to Service Delivery

  • Investigations into received reports to commence immediately.
  • Issuance of car park sticker to be on the spot.
  • Guards are placed at strategic points to deter the commission of offences.
  • There is patrol undertaken by security personnel of all ranks within University Premises.
  • During special functions the Department in liaison with Kenya police shall provide Security.

Feedback and Address

  • Complaints, compliments and suggestions should be forwarded to the office of Director, Security & Safety Services.
  • Feedback may be channeled via telephone, letters, e-mail and suggestion boxes.
  • Confidentiality and Privacy shall be respected at all times.
  • All feedback shall be addressed as soon as practicable.




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