The department has responsibility to do the following:

  • Formulating the security policy/strategy of the University of Nairobi
  • Management and co-ordination of the security network in the entire University of Nairobi and liaison with other UoN officials.
  • Taking all necessary steps to detect and prevent crime incidents, and apprehension of offenders.
  • Administration of all campus security personnel and matters affecting security.
  • Ensure that the Vice Chancellor is fully informed of matters relating to crime, security and incidents.
  • Directing inquiries into matters of criminal nature, and maintaining contacts with external security forces in matters relating/of crime and other incidents.
  • Maintaining close contacts with other departments of the University, good industrial relations within the security team, and with other employees of the UoN.
  • Maintenance of good public order in the entire University.
  • To identify and ensure the training needs of the security team are addressed, including ensuring the team is well drilled and fit to conduct tasks assigned to them.
  • Investigation into traffic/occupational accidents occurring within the UoN.
  • Investigation of misuse or loss of UoN property or facilities.
  • Manage personnel affairs for all security staff in the University in liaison with Administration Registrar.
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