College of Biological and Physical Sciences

CBPS security section is responsible for the management and co-ordination of the security network in all strategic areas of the campus in liaison with other University of Nairobi officials.

The section is headed by a Senior Assistant Director of Security at the level of Assistant Registrar deputized by Security Officer.

The section has responsibilities to:

  • Manage and co-ordinate the security network in Chiromo campus, Chiromo Funeral Purlour and Chiromo hostels in Lliaison with other University of Nairobi officials.
  • Take all necessary steps to detect and prevent crime incidents and apprehension of offenders.
  • Administration of Chiromo security personnel and matters affecting security in liaison with the Director of Security and Safety Services.
  • Ensure that the Director Security and Safety Services  and CBPS Principal are fully informed of matters relating to crime, security and incidents at Chiromo.
  • Inquire into matters of criminal nature and maintain contacts with external security organs in matters relating to crime and other incidents.
  • Maintaining close contacts with other functional units in Chiromo, good industrial relations within the security team and with other employees of University of Nairobi.
  • Maintain good public order at Chiromo.
  • Identify and ensure that training needs of the security team are addressed and that the team is well drilled and fit to conduct tasks assigned to them.
  • Investigate traffic and occupational accidents occurring within Chiromo campus precincts.
  • Investigate reported cases of misuse and loss of University property or facilities in Chiromo.


The Security section  in CBPS is headed by: Mr. Daniel Okelloh:

Other Staff Members:

Wesley Mutai - Security Officer

John Gatuku - Security Officer

Kibet Koech - Security Officer

Evalyne Oloo - Security Officer

Peter Mwanzia -Security Officer

Emmans Olloo - Security Supervisor

Nashon Walukaya - Security Supervisor

Francis Nkarichia - Security Supervisor

Benedict Ogao - Security Supervisor

Boniface Ndiwa - Security Supervisor


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