1. When are University security offices opened?

Security offices are opened and manned 24 hrs 7 days a week.


2. What should I do in an emergency?


You should immediately contact the Security Office on 0717035268, 0204913149, 0113263920 or send an email to director-security@uonbi.ac.ke


3.How are emergencies defined?

An emergency is defined as an unplanned event that:

  1. Poses a serious threat to persons or property, and significantly disrupts normal operations
  2. Cannot be managed by routine response
  3. Requires a quick and coordinated response across multiple departments or divisions


4. What should I do in the event of a fire alarm going off?


In the event of a fire alarm sounding even if you think it is a false alarm you MUST vacate the premises and go to the appointed meeting place. Please be aware that no smoke detector is to be covered up and fire doors must not be obstructed at all times.


5. What should I do if I see someone behaving suspiciously?


You should always notify Security. You can use the emergency numbers 0717035268, 0204913149, 0113263920  to contact Security.


6. What do I do if I have lost my ID card?


If you loose your card, or if you suspect it has been stolen, you should immediately report the loss to the respective security office who will advice you to report the same to the nearest police station. You will be issued with a police abstract which will enable you to get a new card so that you can access University services.


7. How do I make a complaint against a Campus Security guard?

UoN encourages anyone who feels they have been treated improperly by a Campus security guard to contact the respective Campus security chief as soon as possible.


8. If a security officer or a campus official asks to see my campus ID card am I obliged to show it?

Yes. Anyone using UoN facilities or on campus property is required to produce their campus ID card upon request by a campus security officer.


9.What should I do if there is a fight/disturbance going on?

Contact UoN Security Control room by calling 0717035268, 0204913149, 0113263920. Security will be dispatched immediately. If safe to do so, use your authority as a staff member to attempt to verbally intervene.


10. How do I report threats of stalking or interpersonal or sexual violence?

Please contact UoN  Security Control Room by calling 0717035268, 0204913149, 0113263920.

and they will take the appropriate steps. Get assistance from someone you trust and with whom you feel comfortable. Students and staff are encouraged to speak with security and/or members of the Office of Campus Security to develop personal safety plans to mitigate risk.


11. Where’s the lost and found?

You can place any lost item with any security office in the campuses. To retrieve a lost item you must be able to clearly identify it. At the end of each term, any unclaimed items will be disposed off as the university deems appropriate.

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