SECUON is a welfare association drawing its members from security and membership is limited to security department only. The welfare was formed to offers social support to it members especially during bereavement. Since its inception 2010, membership has grown. Share contribution from members is done through check off system on University payroll. The Welfare caters for the following:

  • Offering soft loans of up to six months to its members.
  • It supports members who are bereaved and the support covers the nuclear family
  • It holds farewell parties for its members when proceeding on retirement.

In future the Welfare is planning to invest in real estates by buying land and subdividing to it members.

SECUON Officials are elected after a period of two years.  The current office holders are as follows:

Chairman            – Mr. Francis Misiko

Vice Chair             -Mr. Collins Odour

Secretary              – Mr. Nashion Walukaya

Vice Secretary       - Ms. Joyce Kiragu

Treasurer              -Ms. Ruth Njenga


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