Student Welfare Authority Security

SWA security section is responsible for the management and co-ordination of the security network in four strategic management units (SMUs) namely: Mamlaka, Lower State House Road, Upper State House Road and Women’s Hall including ADD building, UHS (University Health Services) and UNES (University of Nairobi Enterprises and Services), in liaison with other University of Nairobi officials.

The section is headed by a Senior Assistant Director of Security at the level of Assistant Registrar deputized by Assistant Director of Security.

The section has responsibilities to:

  • Manage and co-ordinate the security network in Mamlaka, Lower State House Road, Upper State House Road and Women’s Hall Strategic Management Units in Liaison with other University of Nairobi officials.
  • Take all necessary steps to detect and prevent crime incidents and apprehension of offenders.
  • Administration of SWA security personnel and matters affecting security in liaison with the Chief Security Officer.
  • Ensure that the Director Security and Safety Services  and Director of SWA are fully informed of matters relating to crime, security and incidents at SWA.
  • Inquire into matters of criminal nature and maintain contacts with external security organs in matters relating to crime and other incidents.
  • Maintaining close contacts with other functional units in SWA, good industrial relations within the security team and with other employees of University of Nairobi.
  • Maintain good public order at SWA.
  • Identify and ensure that training needs of the security team are addressed and that the team is well drilled and fit to conduct tasks assigned to them.
  • Investigate traffic and occupational accidents occurring within SWA precincts.
  • Investigate reported cases of misuse and loss of University property or facilities in SWA.


The Security Department in SWA is headed by:


Mr Ambunya Indimuli Phanuel - Senior Assistant Director of Security and Safety Services

Assisted by:

Riaga Joseph Maxwell - Senior Security Officer

Dismus  Aminga- Senior Security Officer

Joseph Mwita  -   Security Officer  

Margaret Kiparus - Security Officer

Naomi Jacobs - Security Officer

James Muchiri – Assistant Security Officer

Wycliffe Khaemba – Assistant Security Officer

Julius Ngosi - Security Supervisor

Leonard Chemwolo – Supervisor

Albert Onduso - Security Supervisor

Micheal Nyongesa - Security Supervisor

Lucy Waweru - Secretary

Edwin Kabue - Driver

Ndung'u Nelson G - Cleaner


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