For many organizations in Kenya security guards/personnel act as the human face of the organization, this is mainly because these are the people a client will first encounter before meeting other members of staff. Therefore it is necessary that security personnel posses the under listed skills.

Communication: Security guards need to be responsive in a timely manner to solve the problem. They need to communicate with clients in a clear, easy to understand way and make sure their wording are simple and not ambiguous.     

Positive Attitude:  People do not value security guards and tend to look down upon them, staying positive under pressure, often in the face of antagonism and negative emotions can have a calming effect on entire situation.  Staying positive can influence high self esteem and influence better view of things

Empathy: Sometimes security personnel encounter clients who are frustrated or unhappy. It is important that they understand and identify with the feelings of others and communicate accordingly.

Patience: Security personnel being the first to come into contact with clients need to practice patience. Clients may ask several questions, be unhappy or ask you to repeat instructions several times. Patience is important to keep the conversation on track, remain tolerable in the face of frustration and provide positive experience.

Self – Control: Clients can be downright unpredictable. They are often confused or frustrated and can take it out on security personnel, they need to remain composed, helpful and kind no matter whom they are dealing with. Losing your temper or treating customer poorly is completely unacceptable, treat confused clients professionally, be helpful and kind in the face of adversity.

Not Easily Offended:  This one is self –explanatory. A client may get angry; he/she may yell and scream at you for no specific offense. The ability not to take offense will go a long way in the emotional charged situation. Try to stay calm even if you are being insulted and don’t let your anger rear its ugly head. Anger on your part will only make the situation worse.

Respect: Regardless of the attitude of a client, good customer care service skills dictate that you be respectful at all times, even though it is a common sense that respect is a two way that is not always the case in most scenarios.

Outsourced lavington security guards to take note.