Your security starts with you; here are general tips that may help you along the way.

  • Do not share your personal details on phone with anonymous caller. Con men/women pretend that they are either calling you from your bank or mobile provider and they may ask for your ID card number or year of birth since most people use their year of birth as M-pesa pin, if in doubt kindly visit your bank branch in person and find out.
  • When you lose your mobile hand set, kindly report to your service provider and block the line immediately until you replace it, also report to the nearest police station and obtain a police abstract. A lost handset/line may be used to commit a crime and you will be the prime suspect despite being a victim.
  • If you lose your national ID Card, report to the nearest police station and obtain an abstract as soon as possible.  Lost and Found ID card can be used to register a mobile line for committing crime in which you may be held responsible.
  • Avoid walking in deserted streets alone it makes you vulnerable to mugging.
  • Do not accept to be assisted by strangers you find in ATM lobby.
  • When carrying out photocopy of vital documents such ID card and academic certificates  insist on taking away all your copies including the spoiled ones, they may be used for forgery.
  • Avoid sharing personal information with strangers you meet.
  • If you feel lost while in the city streets, it is advisable to seek assistance from uniformed security personnel.