Surveillance is a careful observation of a person, group, place, vehicle or a thing, undertaken in a secretive manner.

Surveillance is valuable investigative tool that can provide information about the activities and identities of individuals. To carry out a successful surveillance security personnel must be alert, discreet and cautious. Surveillance requires great patience, versatility, careful observation skills and a good memory.

The Purpose of Surveillance

  • Gather information to develop criminal complaint.
  • Detect or prevent a crime.
  • Locate a wanted fugitive.
  • Learn about various contacts and associates of a particular suspect or group.
  • Gain information sufficient to establish probable cause for issuance of search warrant or arrest warrant.
  • Discover the activities and movements of suspected individuals.
  • Verify statements made by witnesses or informants.
  • Observe known members of terrorists’ organizations.
  • Recover a stolen property.
  • Intercept criminals in the act of committing a crime.
  • Prevent a crime from being committed.
  • Develop intelligence on criminals and criminal organization.
  • Obtain information to use in interrogation.