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Surveillance is a careful observation of a person, group, place, vehicle or a thing, undertaken in a secretive manner.

Surveillance is valuable investigative tool that can provide information about the activities and identities of individuals. To carry out a successful surveillance security personnel must be alert, discreet and cautious. Surveillance requires great patience, versatility, careful observation skills and a good memory.


A hazard is an agent which has the potential to cause harm to a vulnerable target. Workplace hazards are any aspects of work that cause health and safety risks and have the potential to harm.

Trailing power cords, loose or frayed carpets and rugs, spills etc, all these can cause a sleep, a trip, or a fall in the workplace and result in physical and mental impacts on an injured employee.

Security Personnel Assist in Combating Covid-19 Virus.

University of Nairobi security personnel are not only expected to continue with their usual levels of service to the University, but are also expected to assist in community and government efforts combating the corona virus. The Security personnel ensure that all people accessing University premises adhere to the following: