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We urgently need major cooperation on global security in the COVID-19 era

  • The pandemic is tipping the world into a dangerously volatile new phase.
  • A lack of international cooperation in the response to the crisis is exacerbating the situation.
  • Here are five courses of action global leaders should take to head off these emerging security threats.

The world is entering a volatile and unstable new phase.

The Law Enforcement Agencies Must Adhere to the Basic Checklist on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

The attention of the Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) has been drawn to the heart-rending clips and images circulating on social media, clearly showing uncalled for brutality and ruthless beating being meted on innocent and defenceless Kenyans by uniformed police officers and other law enforcement officers following the start of the much touted dusk to dawn curfew across the country.

Beware of thugs posing as multi-agency teams tracing Covid-19 cases


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Police have warned of thugs masquerading as part of multi-agency teams coordinating activities of the coronavirus pandemic fight in the country.


Authorities want those called on the mobile phone or visited at homes by people claiming to be the multi-agency team to be careful and to scrutinise their identities.

Status of Learning at UoN during the Covid-19 Lockdown

The Corona Virus pandemic is a global phenomenon that has affected all sectors in every country in the world including higher education. Universities and colleges were forced to abruptly close and ongoing teaching of various courses was abandoned midstream. As a result, managers of universities and colleges with thousands of stranded students have been left wondering how to fill the gap and at the very least maintain some semblance of normality.


UoN Staff active in fight against coronavirus

The University of Nairobi staff has been very actively involved in the fight against coronavirus, says the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama. 

UoN vice-chancellor said researchers were burning the midnight oil to find a solution to the pandemic through different approaches.

“University of Nairobi researchers are also writing proposals for research grants required for arresting Covid-19,” Kiama said in a memo dated April 1 to staff and students. 

Latest Report on Desert Locust Situation

In latest reports released on March 10, 2020 by FAO the desert locust situation in Kenya is widespread swarm breeding continues in northern and central counties where an increasing number of hopper bands and first-generation immature swarms are forming. This may be supplemented by new-generation immature swarms arriving from Somalia. Further concentration is expected in Marsabit and Turkana. Aerial and ground control operations continue.